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Are you ready to step up and be the CEO

or are you just going to continue to be an overpaid admin assistant?

finally win back your freedom in 2019!

What ever happen to that dream of a 4 hour work week? You know the one that Tim Ferris promised?

If you are like most small business owners, you wonder that every day and may even be a little angry that he put that idea into your mind.

You have no idea how to make it happen. Getting your business to that level can be long and arduous. He didn’t do it overnight and he had some amazing mentors to help him along the way.

Making the changes you need to make in your business can be hard and frustrating without the right support, tools, and resources.

You may even be thinking, I can’t afford to hire an expert to help. I want to tell you right now, you can’t afford not to.

How long will you stay stuck, frustrated and overwhelmed, never getting that free time (along with the money) you so desperately want?

If you are truly ready, set up your FREE consultation and find out if we can help. This is NOT a sales call.

This will be best 45 minutes you have spent in your business in a long time. You will gain clarity, new insights, and walk away with a new strategy.

If WE (You & me) decide the program is a good option for you and your business,

you will be invited to apply to be part of the SELECT business owners who, in 8 short weeks, will transform their business and their lives!

It truly is YOUR choice…All of what you are experiencing is of your making…Are you ready to change it?

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Who is this for?

Small business owners only, with established businesses, ready to take their business and their life to the next level.

  • You are DONE running around putting out fires, reacting to things as they fly at you and wondering how you will ever get it all done.

  • You are frustrated because your business was supposed to set you free, but has only created more limitations.

  • When you figured out how much time you are putting into your business vs. revenue coming in, you are making less than you did when you worked for someone else..OUCH!

  • You are COMMITTED to investing in yourself and your business so you can have the future you want.

  • You are willing to put in the time and effort it takes to make your dream a reality.

  • You are highly motivated, resourceful, disciplined and action-oriented.


choose your future

Stay exactly where you are; continue to feel frustrated, overwhelmed and exhausted. Watch your business seep money through the cracks and stay buried beneath the financial struggles and under the work you can never get done.


Finally have days like this:

  • When you don’t have to think about your business 24/7 and you can grab the family and head to the beach or take an extra long vacation.

  • Wake up every morning and excited about your day, checking your bank balance and being able to say I think I will take the day off and it won’t impact your business.

  • Knowing more money will flow into your business when you have more time to focus on attracting new business and improving profits.