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D.R.E.A.M. Blueprint Origin

August 01, 20232 min read

“Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world." – Joel A. Barker

As someone who has always been a natural visualizer, I thought creating a vision board would be a breeze. But what I learned from my first experience was that visualization alone isn't enough to make your dreams a reality.

 At first, it was fun to dream and find images that aligned with my dreams, but once it was finished, I sat back and thought, "What now?"

challeng of vision boards

With that said, here is why I went beyond the vision board. 👊

🤔 The Disconnect

If you're like me, someone introduced you to the concept of vision boards, but you were never given the full story. For me, I was left with vague advice like "visualize what I desire" and "act as if," which left me feeling disconnected from my dreams and goals.

😢 Trials, Errors, and Realizations

Like most of you, I kept trying and kept getting disappointed. The more disappointment I had, the farther I got from my dreams. But I also realized that I had experienced success. I was so focused on what I didn't have; I forgot to appreciate what I did have.

💡 A New Approach

This realization shifted my approach. I started to truly immerse myself in my visions, visualizing myself in each image, and journaling about the experience I just imagined. This helped me feel more focused and connected to my dreams.

📘 The Birth of D.R.E.A.M. Blueprint

I decided to combine my daily practice with the vision board concept and created what I now call D.R.E.A.M. Blueprint.

🌱 Growth and Challenges

The first year was like a scrapbook of my dreams, but things evolved over time. Even through the loss of loved ones and the COVID-19 pandemic, I continued my practice.

🎉 A Journey of Success

What I learned through determination and focus paid off. As I engaged in my practice, things started flowing to me. By the end of 2019, about 75% of what I put into my blueprint had manifested. I got to live in incredible places and never felt worried, sad, or got depressed during the pandemic.

🌈 Living a Life in Flow

Maybe I didn't manifest a mansion or a million dollars, but things kept falling into place. Since adopting my new approach, I've felt truly unstoppable.

🙏 Grateful Reflections

Looking back, I'm grateful for the lessons I've learned about the power of visualization, journaling, and intention-setting. I'm excited to continue using these tools to manifest my dreams and create a life I truly love.

Grab your free copy of Beyond the Vision Board and give D.R.E.A.M. Blueprint a test run, with this mini version, while it is still free.

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Athena Emert Gray

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