Site Rules

This site is meant for women who want to and are willing to share their knowledge, skills and experience with other women by trading services in order to launch, update or expand their online business. 


Cost of trading

Services are traded to help other women launch, update or expand their business with minimal to no cost.  

If a service is needed but there is not a trade that can be made, the service provider may charge small fee that is negotiated between both parties. You are free to offer a service without receiving a trade in return. 

Please keep in mind this is not a site to sell your services so please keep fees to a minimum in order to help your fellow women build their business. If you do negotiate a fee, the maximum charge of a service traded on WSTN should be no more than50% of the cost you regularly sell the service for. 

Honor Your Commitment

Anyone who has agreed to share and trade must follow through on their commitment to the trade. Should extenuating circumstance prevent you from following through, offer something else in exchange.

Failure to follow through will result in immediate removal from the site. No refunds for membership will be provided. 


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Be Kind

Please be kind and respectful to one another. We are all adult, professional women; try to work out differences amongst yourselves. If you are unable to resolve a dispute, please notify the website administrator. 

Distasteful, vulgar language, links or pictures will not be tolerated in the Forum. You will only be asked once to cease the action or language. If the you persist, this will result in immediate termination from the site. No refunds will be issued for any remaining membership. 


Share the Love


Be sure to share with others when you receive good service. This is a space to help us network, make new business partnerships, and future clients. 

Sharing and networking are the foundations of all of our business. Please help each other out.