The Magic of a Routine

Routine:  A usual set of activities or way of doing things.

Routines and habits are very similar and just like a bad habit, you can have a bad routine that sabotages what you are trying to accomplish.

Being mindful of the routines will help you create magic in your business. A good routine will improve productivity and help you streamline your work to save you time that you can spend on more important tasks.

Creating a magical routine can be simple. You just need to be consistent and intentional with your routine. Here is how you can create a work routine that sticks:

Start each day by writing down what want or need to accomplish.

  1. Identify the most important tasks that you absolutely need to get done today.

  2. Next, write the have to's (like cooking dinner or taking the kids to soccer practice)

  3. Identify the task that you need to do that are not as important.

  4. Identify tasks that are similar in nature such as emails, blog postings, returning phone calls.

Set Daily Intention. With those most important tasks in mind, sit down and start a purposeful intention by practicing this 1-2 minute ritual. Close your eyes. Ask yourself what do I want/need to accomplish today? Envision the results. Soak in the feeling you will have when this is accomplished. Now start to rewind the vision back to when you start it. Watch yourself taking action, pay attention to what you are doing, and how you are doing it. When you have accomplished what you set out to do, thank the Universe for helping you create clarity and focus.

Plan your day. Identify when you are most productive in your day. Is it first thing in the morning when you get up, after lunch when you have time to wake up and engage in the day, or are you a night owl and are most focused and creative at night when everyone else is sleeping.  Identify when is the best time when you can batch those similar tasks that don't take as much brain power.

Create a schedule. Chose the time you are most productive and block out time to focus on those tasks you identified as being most important and need to be done today. Next schedule in the daily tasks you need to do each day, like eat breakfast, cook dinner, get ready for work, or run the kids to soccer practice.  Then add in those other tasks in blocks of time where you can work through consecutively instead of trying to multi-task them..

Clear the clutter. When you sit down to complete your tasks, remove distractions. Turn off the internet, Facebook, and your phone. You don't want that annoying beep or buzz that tells you something just came in to take away your attention. Not just outside distractions can keep you from your task at hand, so be sure to take a few minutes to jot down any thoughts or ideas you have rolling around in your head so they don't take your attention while you are working on the important tasks you identified earlier. By getting these on paper, they will not steal your attention and it will ease your mind that you won't forget them as you can come back to them later.

Test Drive. Take a few days to test out your daily process, see if it works for you. If you are finding something hard to stick to then move it around, or cut it out altogether. What is important is that you find a routine that works for you so you can be more productive with the time you have.

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