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Pandemic Didn't Stop Me

August 13, 20234 min read

Adversity introduces us to ourselves, revealing the strength that emerges when we confront life's challenges. As we navigate obstacles, our attitudes shift, and in that transformation, we discover new horizons of possibility.

As the world grappled with the unforeseen challenges of the pandemic, a universal sense of uncertainty and isolation enveloped lives worldwide. I, too, navigated the turbulence of those times, seeking to find my place amidst the chaos. What I discovered was a powerful tool and practice that not only allowed me to weather the storm but also to emerge stronger, happier, and more resilient than before.

Pandemic Didn't Stop Me

The pandemic, paradoxically, set me free!👊

The pandemic shook our lives in unprecedented ways, leaving many struggling to adapt. It was a time of anxiety and stress for most, and I was no exception. However, amid the turbulence, I found an anchor in a unique tool and a consistent practice that transformed my outlook. This wasn't about starting grand ventures or accumulating wealth; it was about embracing my dreams and the power to make them a reality.

My journey toward this transformation began long before the pandemic's arrival, in the midst of personal trials. December 2017 and January 2018 were marred by profound losses within our family—a string of departures that shattered our hearts. Amidst these losses, my husband's aunt, my mom, my husband's dad, and my stepdad all left us. Tragedy continued to strike as my daughter lost two dear friends—one to a tragic accident, and another to the darkness of suicide. 2018 was a year that seemed relentless in its hardships.

But as 2018 unfolded, I found myself leaning on a tool and practice that I had carefully cultivated. Though grief was an undeniable force, my consistent practice kept me from being consumed by it. In the spring of that year, I encountered an incredible woman who would become both mentor and friend. Her invitation to contribute my story to a collaborative book became a turning point. I seized the opportunity, recognizing that if my story could resonate with even one person, it would be worth it.

Little did I know that my story would touch thousands. The book's concept of "paying it forward" gained traction, and soon our words were inspiring countless lives across the globe. In the midst of sharing my story, I found a new purpose—a purpose that transcended the limits of my struggles.

As the clock turned to 2019, a sense of momentum filled the air. Invitations to conferences and events took me to places like Chicago, Austin, and San Diego. The allure of travel was undeniable. Then came news of the book launch, a royal affair set in a Windsor castle. It was a moment that compelled me to action.

The year unfurled with grand momentum, marked by a journey to Europe with loved ones by my side. From London's historic pubs to Paris's enchanting streets, we embarked on an unforgettable adventure. Amid these moments of discovery, a simple letter beckoned—a free giveaway, the type I usually discarded. But this time, an intuition led me to answer its call. A demonstration by a travel company revealed a new path—one that led me to an idea as daring as it was exhilarating: sell our house and embrace the nomadic life.

For three extraordinary years, we roamed as modern nomads, soaking in diverse cultures and meeting fellow adventurers. The plan had been to explore Europe extensively, but the pandemic had different plans. The shift was unexpected, but it led us to rediscover our own country—America—in ways we'd never imagined.

During the pandemic's embrace, as the world ground to a halt, we found solace in hiking. It was as if nature itself whispered the way forward. Each trail we explored became a journey of self-discovery, shaping a new perspective on life's possibilities.

The pandemic, paradoxically, set me free. It provided moments for deep introspection, reigniting passions and unveiling hidden desires. It pushed me to embrace new challenges, propelling me beyond the confines of my comfort zone.

Emerging from these experiences, I stand transformed—a person whose essence has grown kinder and more patient. Acquaintances remark on the positive change they witness, and I'm grateful to share it with them.

If the weight of monotony bears down on you, if uncertainty clouds your path, I urge you to embark on a journey of self-discovery. Uncover your true self, identify your genuine desires, before you leap into the next chapter. Self-discovery has the power to reshape your reality, steering you toward a life you'll truly love.

Athena Emert Gray is an international best-selling co-author of Paying It Forward; Notes to My Younger Self, a business owner and creator of D.R.E.A.M. Path—an immersive experience to bring dreams to life. She also spearheads the Visibility Experiment a collaborative platform where she empowers aspiring entrepreneurs to support one another in achieving heightened visibility for their businesses.

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Athena Emert Gray

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