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Morning Conversations with the Universe

August 12, 20235 min read

“Be mindful of your self-talk. It is a conversation with the Universe.” - David James Lees


This morning I started my day with Abraham, just like I do each morning. Putting something positive into my mind before my feet even touch the ground. The theme for me was foundation and gap.

Morning Conversation with the Universe

That continued and expanded when I sat down with the Universe for my morning conversation. This morning I was drawn to pull 4 cards to represent past, present, future, and overall message. The messages this morning was the most poignant yet since I started this morning practice of connecting with the Universe through my Oracle cards (thank Collette Baron Reid for teaching me such a powerful practice). The messages are always right on target for what I need to hear to keep me on my D.R.E.A.M. Path.

This morning I received the four following cards:

1. Past - Alchemy

Alchemy is about taking big leaps. In this particular reading, Alchemy represents my past, and I clearly see the big leap I took was my experiment in feeling good now. I committed to doing something every day that makes me feel good or brings me joy. Not just one thing, but at any time I felt I needed a little pick me up.

By creating a deliberate practice, tracking it, and committing to do it every day even when I didn’t want to, I create a new habit. The habit of feeling good. And boy does it feel good!

2. Present - Home

At first, I didn’t see where Home was leading me then it finally clicked. Home is about my support system. The people I surround myself with. This is my present. I recognize there are few people in my life I need to create some distance with, but more importantly I recognize that Michael is my home. He is my rock, my support, my foundation. His love keeps me going.

After 32 years of marriage, I still feel that deep love and connection I felt when we got married. Ensuring he feels the same love and support is where I need to put my focus right now so that we have each other to lean on when we need to build that bridge to our next dream.

Finding your home is important in your journey so that you don't feel isolated or lonely. Home may not be a partner, friend or family member. If they are not on the same journey as you are right now, they could pull you off your path. I am not saying cut them out, but find your support system as you are starting your journey so that you can build that strong foundation for moving toward your dreams.

3. Future - Phoenix Rising

This is so full of hope and excitement. Phoenix Rising is the traditional meaning we have all given it over the years, I am growing and expanding beyond where I am. I am reinventing who I am becoming, and it is glorious and magnificent.

The Phoenix Rising literally gives me goose bumps. I can feel the change in the air. I can see my path being build right in front of me. The strangest thing is occurring, I am seeing others building the way, laying down the stones for me to glide across.

This is unusual for me. I have been called a bulldozer or bulldog in the past. I plow through anything in my way, and I don’t let go until its mine. It has been a fight every step of the way. I have felt like I clawed my way to get to where I am, and it was exhausting.

Today, I feel at ease. Things are coming toward me. I am attracting what is needed to get me to where I want to go. It feels so good to release the tension, the struggle, and the pain.

I am realizing though some of that struggle, tension and pain are what I needed to open my eyes and help me truly see what I desire. Not the surfaces stuff like a big house, a great car, etc., and there is nothing wrong with wanting that, but there is a deeper seeded need inside that needs to be fulfilled and isn’t it time to you do that?

4. Overall - Wild

Finally, the overall message was Wild. Boom, what a smack in the face. I felt like the messages were right on target, but it cemented it for me when I turned over this card.

Wild to me is free, and adventurous. As I looked closely at the card, I could tell her boat was moving quickly in the stream because her hair and clothing were flying behind her.

Wild is more than free and adventurous, it is allowing creativity to flow, it is taking chances, is overcoming fear and being courageous.

Wild is a clear overall message for me and I can see how it will take me where I want to go.

Whether you believe in Oracle cards or communicating with the Universe or not, is not the point of this article. The point is we all need support, we all need encouragement to continue. However, you receive that support is not relevant, it the fact that we are open and willing to listen to all possibilities because you just don’t know what is going to come along that will finally click with you and carry you much faster to where you want to go than sitting back and waiting and wishing.

Isn’t it time you start building your own path and control where your path is leading you? You do have choices. Isn’t time you use those choices to take you where you want to go?


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