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Embrace the Dream

July 29, 20233 min read

“Embrace uncertainty as the canvas on which your dreams are painted. In the midst of the unknown, you'll discover the colors of courage and the strokes of resilience that create a masterpiece of transformation."

For years, I'd been sitting on my dreams, planning, creating, and yet often stumbling. It took a bold leap of faith, a courageous risk, to transform my journey from falling to soaring. Life took an unexpected turn after losing my mother in 2017. In early 2018, I connected with a remarkable woman through an online community—a connection that would lead me on a remarkable, albeit intimidating, path.

Embrace the Dream

Embrace the unknown, for within its challenges lie the seeds of your greatest growth and the canvas of your unique journey.👊

This journey unfolded within the pages of a co-authored book series called 'Paying It Forward: Notes to My Younger Self.' Guided by Kezia Luckett, a positive psychologist and the heart of our group, I embarked on a transformational process. While some fellow authors had faced life-altering health scares, bombings, and more, I often felt like an imposter.

Kezia illuminated a powerful truth: our pain, however unique, is equally valid. This realization shattered my self-doubt and unveiled the path to resonating with others.

Through this process, a new version of myself emerged. The book was a catharsis—an open door that ushered me towards greater growth.

Naturally cautious by nature, my journey to self-discovery collided with my deep desire for security. The walls I had built needed dismantling, and I knew I had to cast my security to the wind.

Following the book's release, I found myself in Europe, surrounded by elegance and extravagance. It was a grand affair that ignited my thirst for more—a life steeped in such grandeur.

The craving led to our European adventure, a journey that reshaped my perspective. Returning home, the desire for more grew stronger. Intentions set, I received a mailer—an invitation to a travel event promising an iPad. Fate led me to attend, and that decision would forever change our path.

A few weeks later, driven by an unquenchable wanderlust, I made a proposition. We sold our house, embraced a nomadic lifestyle, and embarked on a journey of incredible freedom.

Critics called us crazy; admirers called us lucky. Blogging, which I had envisioned as a means to launch my business, took a backseat to living life authentically—exploring, meeting new people, and savoring every place we visited.

For three transformative years, amidst a pandemic, we roamed untethered. But as time progressed, a deeper calling emerged—the need to build something sustainable while maintaining our sense of adventure.

My leap of faith has led to a life of unforgettable experiences—a life that cherishes the unfamiliar. So, are you ready? Ready to live your dream, whatever it may be? What's holding you back? Let's navigate around those barriers and reach for the happiness that's been waiting.

If you're ready to uncover the path to your dreams and master a life you love, take the next step.

Athena Emert Gray is, an author and the visionary creator of a new revolutionary tool, D.R.E.A.M. Blueprint, that will help you to start living a life you love while building the path to your dreams. Get a taste of D.R.E.A.M. Blueprint introductory mini-course while it is still free!

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Athena Emert Gray

Athena Emert Gray is the visionary creator of a new revolutionary tool that will help start living a life you love while building the path to your dreams. Grab her free mini-course Beyond the Vision Board by visiting her website:

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