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Embracing the Adventure Within

January 01, 20242 min read

“The most satisfying journey is the journey you take inward with yourself” - Nitin Namdeo

Happy New Year to anyone reading this! As I step into 2024, I'm taking a different approach and I'm excited to take you along on this journey of self-discovery and growth.

Embracing the Adventure Within

My treasure trove of over 100 Audible books will be my guide.

Reflecting on 2023, I realize it wasn’t the stellar year I had hoped for. It’s a bit of a mystery why, but let me share a bit of my story. For someone who thrives on adventure and change, last year felt unusually stagnant. After ending our exhilarating 3-year nomadic journey in August 2022, we settled down, and initially, it felt like the beginning of a thrilling new chapter. But soon, the newness faded, leaving me feeling stuck in a repetitive cycle of daily routines – work, eat, watch TV, sleep, repeat. Even the occasional hike through this beautiful state where we landed, though a highlight, couldn't shake off that feeling of being anchored down and not being able to get back to the surface.

In this quest for change, I dabbled in various projects – trying to revitalize my business, writing a book, and even initiating a group with other entrepreneurs trying to launch their businesses– but none held my attention for long. It became clear that what I needed wasn’t just another external adventure but a deeper, more meaningful internal shift. I yearned for fresh insights and perspectives.

My treasure trove of over 100 Audible books will be my guide. These books, collected over the years yet largely unexplored, are my gateway to new worlds of thought in 2024. My mission? To listen, absorb, and reflect on these diverse voices and ideas, each a beacon guiding me toward new understandings and inspirations.

This blog, in 2024, will transform into a chronicle of these explorations. As I dive into each book, I'll share my takeaways, insights, and how they're shaping my journey. And of course, there will be lots of journaling, since I am, of course, the self-proclaimed journal Queen.

So, expect this year to be filled with revelations and growth. It's a journey towards becoming a better, more enriched version of myself. And I can’t wait to share every step of this adventure with you. Who knows what incredible lessons and discoveries lie ahead?

I would love for you to stick around, cheer me on, share your feedback, or simply just follow along to gain your own insights. Here's to a year of transformation, learning, and self-discovery. Join me, and let’s see where this path leads us!

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Athena Emert Gray

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