Have you fallen into the business rabbit hole?


Being a solopreneur or small business has its rewards, but also its challenges. It seems there is never enough time to get it all done. What if I told you could it all or at least most of done without you even touching a thing? Would you be at least curious?

The main issue with solopreneurs and small start-ups is YOU are the business. Everything is in your head and depends on you to think about and execute it. Many times, you get so tangled in the delivery to the customer (bringing in the dollar) you forget about where the next one will come from or what you need to do to maintain other necessary business functions.

To create more consistent proven results requires two things: (1) correct mindset (2) good systems.


You hear it time and time again, everyone says it, but not everyone really does it…Get clarity on what you really offer and who is the ideal audience. You can't serve everyone.

Mindset: Pick the ideal customers and stick with it until you master it. You will create more focused expertise, proven track record and consistent results when you master just one thing at a time.

Value Your Time

Make the best use of your time and stop wasting it on activities that do not bring value to you or your business. Ever find yourself squandering away hours reading through Facebook posts or get lots in pins on Pinterest?

Set yourself a schedule of what you need to accomplish each day to move your business forward. Only after those things are done should you start surfing.

Mindset: Remember your time is worth money. You charge clients based on how much time you need to spend with them. Every second you spend squandering time away is money out of your pocket.

Video is Your Friend

With your new time is money mindset, how could you capitalize on this a little more by recording as much as you can on video so you don't have to repeat yourself over and over. This could be anything from a training video, to discussing your unique business proposition with a potential client, or onboarding a new employee.

Don't get me wrong, personal interaction is needed to build relationships, but there are times when a video sharing basic information does the trick much more effectively and efficiently than you can. It can be viewed when the client or employee needs it instead of waiting for a meeting with you. How many times have you spent hours with a potential client only to not land the sale because you both find out your business model just doesn't fit the need? Remember your time is money!

Look for common themes across various activities you have been performing live and see how you could create a video tailored the needs of the person you engage with.

Mindset: Do it once and share instead of spending your unpaid time personally sharing a message that could be done through a video; such as, an introduction to your business, or how to set up automatic deposits for a new employee.


Out with the old

There are many times we feel we are so far down a certain path that we can't turn back. We get determined, that since we put in so much time and effort, we are going to make this thing work.

Sometimes it is not worth continuing and we need to learn to recognize this. If you have spent months on something that has produced the results you were looking for, it may be time to give it up.

Mindset: Remember nothing is really a waste of time. We learn most when we have made a mistake. Focus on what you learned from the experience instead of focusing on the idea of wasted time and efforts and move on. You will most like take something good from the experience that will be even better later.

Systemize & Automate

Once you have a mindset that looks for ways to be more efficient with your time, take it to the next level and implement tools and resources that trigger and update from one task or process to the next without you manually managing the data.

Think of ways you can be more effective in some of the activities you perform in your business. Are you managing your information in multiple different applications to meet all your business needs? Do you have pull some information from one and entered into another, such as pulling payment information from payment processor and then enter it into your accounting software? Or tracking your client emails in your email app and managing other parts of your client information in another app?

Mindset: Be on the lookout for links between your processes and applications.  Be open to change, consolidation and batching like information and activities to create workflows that work for you.

Your business can run more smoothly and create more consistent results when you are focusing on the right things and letting the rest either be automated or removed all together.

Work on your mindset and find the results you were looking for.

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