5 Tips to Create a Week You Look Forward to


Change Your Mindset. Change your mindset about what day is really is the first day of your week. By changing your thinking about the first day of your week, instead of the last day of your weekend, you can create a more positive, relaxed, stress-free mindset instead of with dread and overwhelm a typical first day back to the grind brings. Thinking of your "Sunday" as the first can change your whole perspective about how your week will go.

Bonus. Take 30 minutes to sit in a quiet place, grab a cup of tea (or glass of wine), light a candle and sit in the quietness and relax while you enjoy your tea or wine without interruption.

Prepare for the week. If you are not a planning fanatic like me, take just 15 minutes to jot down what you need to accomplish for the week. You don't need to spend time planning it out, but take the time to jot it down so you know exactly what you need to do first thing Monday morning to start your week off to a good start.

Bonus. Take 30 minutes. Identify the things you want to accomplish this week to move your business forward. Then identify the action steps you need to take to make it happen.

If you need a little boost in this area, and want to make sure you know exactly what to do and when to do it, check out my upcoming challenge where I teach you how to create simple action plans to create help you create the results you want.

Write Your Content for the Week. Take the time to create the content you want to share with your audience all at once. This will save time the rest of the week when there is a limited amount of time for other areas you want to focus on in your business.

Bonus. Create a weekly calendar of when and where you will share your content. You can grab this Excel template to help you get started.

Take inventory of your accomplishments for last week. Identify what you accomplished last week that moved your business forward. Take some time to sit and savor your accomplishments and recognize yourself for all the efforts you are making in your business.

Bonus. Note what you did, how you did it and how it impacted your business.  Jot down ideas on how you can duplicate your efforts and accomplishments for another successful week ahead.

Plan your meals. I know you are probably wondering what this has to do with being an entrepreneur. What it does is help you be more prepared so you are spending less time trying to figure out what's for dinner and having to run to the store to grab something. 

Bonus. Do your grocery shopping too.

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Athena Gray