From To-Do to To-Done


For those that have ready previous posts, you may have surmised I not a huge fan of to-do lists. I think to-do lists are primarily a disorganized, unfocused list of stuff people really don't want to do but believe they need to do. 

What if you could turn your to-do into to-done and make it a little more enticing and productive?

You can with one of the many apps out there to help you track what needs to get done. However, I warn you they are not all created equal. Depending on what you are trying to accomplish and whether or not you interested in getting the most from your to-do list, one over the another might be right for you. 

For those that don't currently use technology to create more efficiencies, moving your to do list from a pad of paper to the computer might seem counterproductive, since is can be easy to just add another to do quickly to your list. However, by using an app you become more thoughtful of your to-dos, which allows you prioritize and systemize. 

Today I am going to start you off slow and provide a review of two different to-do list apps. One offers quite a bit more features than the other, but the minimal app may be the one for you because it is basic and perfect to get started with. The good news is if you start out small the second app allows you to quickly transfer your list to their app for seamless transition. 

Note: I am not an affiliate of either of these programs.


Cost: FREE, however, offers upgrades for businesses for a flat fee + a per person basis.

Wunderlist is a basic to-list app with a few bells and whistles that you cannot get from pen and paper. From what I could tell it is mostly a to-do list with reminders. 

The one issue I had with Wunderlist was, they do not do a good job of being transparent with their full capabilities. The overview is lacking and turned me off from signing up, however, in the spirit of providing, to you, my readers, with the most information I reluctantly signed up anyway just to check it out. 

What I found out was, they were transparent, it just isn't that robust. However, if you are looking for a traditional to-do list with reminders and can be linked to your calendar then this one is for you. Here are the features you can expect with Wunderlist.

  • Track your to-dos
  • Organize them in specific folders (i.e. work, home, etc)
  • Get reminders (phone, email or desktop)
  • There is a phone app available
  • Share your to-do list with others (allow access and through email)
  • Create printable checklists
  • Allows for file attachment/sharing files through the app
  • Easily duplicate recurring task

Although I could not find these options in the free version, and I admittedly didn't try the phone app, I suspect you must pay to upgrade to access these features. 

  • Turn emails into actions by forwarding them to Wunderlist
  • Add anything from the web to your Wunderlist
  • Assign tasks to others in your group


Costs: FREE, but for $28.99 a year you get more (that's around $2.50 a month)

Todoist, on the other hand, provided a substantial overview of both their free and premium product before even signing up. I must mention, the premium version is super inexpensive and worth the few extra bucks for the premium features. 

Todoist is a robust productivity tool and more than a to-do list. Todoist helps create focus and clarity by allowing prioritization, break down of projects and measuring progress. 

Clearly, Todoist took the saying, "If it can't be measured, it ain't worth doing, " to heart. From establishing goals and tracking progress to identifying upcoming activities at a glance, to the reports and graphs, Todoist gives you all you need to ensure you are staying on track and working toward the things that mean the most. 

In addition, customized labels, templates for common tasks, and prioritization options help you stay organized and on target to get things done. 

Here are the features of Todoist. 

  • Capture and organize tasks
  • Reminders to phone, email or other specified location
  • Quickly view upcoming tasks
  • Task prioritization
  • Tools to help you map out your week
  • Color coding for easily identifying certain tasks
  • Create templates for projects or for common recurring tasks
  • Customized labels and folders to keep tasks organized
  • Create custom task views using filters (by due date, project, label, assignee, etc.)
  • Graphs to see overall project timeline
  • Trend reports measure progress
  • Set productivity goals and track progress
  • Phone app available
  • Connect file sharing through DropBox
  • Connects to your favorite calendar, Zapier, IFTTT, and Amazon Alexa

Not, the free option does not include reminders or progress reports, but heck you can't beat the annual pricing. Overall I would recommend Todoist to make sure you are staying productive and not losing track of important activities you need to perform to move your business to the next level. I will say it again, you just can't beat the price for all you get!

Athena Gray