8 Tips to Get You Through Things You Dread

Ever turn to chocolate when you are frustrated, overwhelmed or trying to avoid?

Ever turn to chocolate when you are frustrated, overwhelmed or trying to avoid?

There are always things in life and business we must do to succeed. If you are like most of us, you avoid these things as long as you can and when you have to do you do them quickly with little effort as possible and the results just get you by.

If you are also like most of us, you don't want to just get by, you want to knock everything out of the park so that you are successful as you want to be.

So what can you do to tackle those things that you dread?

  1. Look at the long-term benefit. When you are dreading tackling that one thing you know will be good for your business, but you keep putting it, write down three things that will benefit you and/or business if you just get it done.
  2. Find what you can learn from it.  Look for things that you can learn by doing this activity. Is it fear of doing a FB live (that would me)? If you do a FB live, what can you learn from this even if no one shows up? Have to go to another boring meeting, come from a perspective that I will take away at least one thing from his meeting that I didn't know before I went. When I started looking for things I can learn in meetings, I found I paid more attention and really did get something from each one. Give it a try and see what you learn.
  3. Think of it as doing it for someone you love. Doesn't always seem easier to do things for someone else than ourselves? Think about how completing this activity can help a relationship, whether with yourself, a client or even your family.
  4. Ask yourself if the activity is really necessary. What is the purpose of the activity. Will it help your business, a client, or build relationships.  If the activity is not going to improve your business (and in turn make you money) then why are you doing it?
  5. Think and say something positive. I know not everyone believes in the power of positivity, but it can help. Think of how you will feel when you finally complete this activity; the relief, the freedom, the peace.
  6. Get help. Sometimes we just don't know how to move forward or know how to do the activity. Reach out friends, family or fellow entrepreneurs and ask for help.
  7. Enjoy the interaction with people. If the activity involves working with others, come from the interactive aspect of the activity. Use this as an opportunity to build relationships.
  8. Gather with like-minded people. Connecting with like-minded people can be just the boost we need to get this activity done. Reach out to other Entrepreneurs that will be supportive and will encourage as you complete this activity.

Sometimes we just need to jump in and get started. Once we are actually doing the activity, we might find it is not as bad as we thought it would be.

Inspired by:  Life Hack


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