Art of Planning Series 2 of 3


Risk of Poor Planning (or not having a plan at all)

You might have a destination in mind, but you don't have a roadmap to reach it. How will you know if you are going in the right direction? How far will you get off track before you realize it?

Your vision is just a dream without a plan to execute it.

Lack of direction can cause lack of motivation. When you don't have a clear plan of action you can stall out and lose focus because you don't have a clear direction.

You waste effort. Everyone feels like he or she has to be doing something. The question is are you doing something and unsure what it means or whether it really takes you closer to your vision. If you don't know for certain your action will produce the results you are looking for, then stop.

No Focus. By not having clarity and focus, you may end up spending effort on the wrong thing that doesn't produce the results you are looking for.

You have to multitask by planning while you work which takes away focus on the true task at hand.

You are counting on hopes and vision to get you there, but without clearly defined actions how do you know what you are doing will create the results you are looking for?

You are constantly having to stop what you are doing to evaluate whether it’s the right thing to be doing. Paralysis by indecision because vision and plan are not clearly defined. Studies show when you interrupt a workflow that it can take up to 30 minutes to get back on track. Without a plan image how much time you are wasting that could be spent on your passion or at play.

Underestimate effort. Without fully knowing what it will take to accomplish a task, most people underestimate how much effort is needed to complete a task or goal.

We tend to be over-optimistic about our knowledge and skill to accomplish a task or goal. Even worse if you haven't taken the time to identify all the actions steps needed to complete a goal, crucial steps and information are missed. 

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Athena Gray