Give from the heart


Last week I shared the story of my determined 6-year-old daughter who got her Chihuahua puppy. What I didn't share was how.

As I shared, she worked and saved to pay for that puppy. Then one day, on the radio, she heard about the children with cancer. She decided that the children with cancer needed the money for a cure more than she needed a new puppy.

She generously donated her $300 to The Children's Cancer Association. I shared her story with the person on the other end of the phone when I called in the donation. She shared it with the radio hosts and they played the story over and over again for a week.

So many people were touched by her generosity at such an early age, that we received 20 offers for puppies of all kinds.

We debated if we should accept one of the puppies because she made a sacrifice for others and we didn't want to set expectations that sacrifice will always pay off. However, in the end, we decided that showing her when you give from the heart that it touches other people's lives in a positive way and invokes more generosity.

We can all learn more from this selfless 6-year-old. Give to others. Help each other with services others cannot do for themselves. Watch the wealth return to you 10-fold because you have made a friend and client who will share your generosity with others and will seek out your services. 

We are in a place to help build each other up, uplift our spirit of generosity, and make new friends, network and business partnerships.

Can you imagine, that just one tiny act of kindness from your heart, how it can build a new lucrative relationship? Maybe not directly with the person you helped, but when her website or marketing campaign gets attention and she is asked who helped her, your name will proudly and selflessly come off her lips. Start giving today. 


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