Throw your "To-Do" list out the window

The difference between an action plan and a to-do list. 

An action plan helps you achieve a predefined vision that describes the path your business will take to achieve the goals and objectives. An action plan breaks down a vision into goals, deliverables and tasks. An action plan promotes action, momentum and results.

You cannot accomplish anything without taking action.

A to-do list is just a list of things you need to get done. There is no vision behind it, it is typically not organized in a way that promotes automatic succession nor does it clearly define your objective.

An action plan creates results.

A to do list is typically just a reminder of what you need to do.

An action plan takes the guess work out of what to do next.

A to do list can actually stall your progress because you haven't thought through exactly what needs to be done to cross that to do off your list.

An action plan is a systematic approach to managing your time most effectively. By taking the time to develop an effective and organized workable plan, it helps you be more accountable and stay on track without missing key steps needed to reach your goal. It is a way to ensure your businesses vision becomes a reality.


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