Why didn't I know about this sooner

I am talking about Girl Code by Cara Alwill Leyba. I have heard from many friends and fellow female entrepreneurs that I should read this book. I have been putting it off because I have been so focused on building my business. However, I am traveling this week and decided to download it for the plane ride. I am so happy I did. I could not put it down until I devoured the entire book.

She was singing my message. Everything that was written was like she pulled it right out of my brain. Women are so much more powerful when they work together, support and uplift each other instead of acting petty and tearing each other down. 

I had been in a situation where I thought I was good friends with a co-worker. Then one day it all stopped. She stopped calling, stopped inviting me to hang out, stopped talking to me at work. I started being questioned at work. The things I was doing; had been doing were all the sudden not good enough. I tried to talk to her, but I never felt the conversations were genuine. Finally I gave up.

It was very sad. We had a good partnership. I thought we complimented each other both in work and in our friendship. I am still not 100% sure what changed, but I have an inkling she felt we were competing for something. I never felt we competed, I felt we complimented each other well. She is good at certain things and I am good at other things. It could have a been a fabulous partnership.

If you think about it, there are many business coaches, many web designers, many branding specialist, but they have their unique qualities that makes them connect and resonate with their customers. One web designer may specialist in Squarespace while the other specializes in Word Press. One business coach may focus on health and wellness businesses and another may focus on helping other coaches.

If we partner with others similar to us we can share insights, best practices and every once in a while even clients. There may be a client that comes to you, but you realize you don't have what they need, but Suzy in your network can help them so you refer to each other. There is so much to go around, we don't need to compete.