I feel justified!

You know that feeling you get when you thought you were on the right track, but then a barrier pops up or you get feedback that is honest, but a little deflating.

Well I don't feel like that because the more I connect with other entrepreneurs that have been there and done that, they have businesses that are thriving, they all say the same thing. Planning and preparing are the best things you can do for you business before it is a business. 

I just ready an article sent to my inbox from Shopify. They asked 40 business owners for their best piece of advise. I personally went through each comment in hopes of a little nugget of wisdom. What I got was confirmation I am on the right track.

40% of the business owners who participated all said something similar, plan, prepare, study, research. Everything that Before the Business Playbook series focuses on. 

I know, because I am like most of you. You just want to jump in and go and figure it out. This will take you so much longer than if you take a little time to focus, explore, research and study what is happening in your market, identifying your target audience (not some broad general version) and get clear on your vision before taking one step toward launching your business. 

Don't waste your time and effort. Learn from those who have been there before you by studying them, picking their brains (if you can) and keeping really good notes so when it is time for you to unleash your genius into the world, you will be ready and be able to hit your target so much sooner than "flying by the seat of your pants". 

Want to read the full Shopify article? Click here.


Athena Gray