Resurecting an oldie but a goodie

I came across an older article from Business Insider, 52 Behaviors of Highly Successful People, that got me thinking about what I am not paying attention to right now that maybe I should be.

I have been almost solely focused on building my business that I have lost sight of some important foundational practices that I should be doing everyday to insure I am creating a business that provides values and something I can be proud.

I know when I am not aligned when the Universe starts putting barriers in my way. Things feel a little harder and they do not go as I had planned. It can get so frustrating when I feel I am not gaining momentum. However, when I reset and refocus and start practicing the behaviors I want to live my life by, then the barriers miraculously disappear and what I need at the time begins to flow to me easily and effortlessly.

So if you are feeling a little stuck, feel there are some barriers in your way, take a step back, revisit your preferred behaviors and values and start living them again. You will find life will be much easier to deal with.

If you haven't ever taken the time to identify your preferred behaviors check out the article on Business Insider to get some ideas and then grab the free worksheet on identifying values and determining your behavioral compass on the Value Add page. 

Athena Gray