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About The Founder

Athena is a passionate believer in making the world a better place for all and she believes that we cannot achieve this, if each of you are not first happy within your own world. When you are thriving and fulfilled, you enthusiastically spread joy to others. 

Athena spent her first 48 years wishing and hoping for something more. Being a wife and mother was very fulfilling. She thrived to create a better life for her family and that drove her for so long. Then she became an empty-nest momma with zero drive except to make sure her daughter got through college without incurring college debt. 

Although she was thriving her career, in spite of only having an associates degree, being reliant on someone or something else for her income and beholden to other people’s schedule for so long wasn’t what she desired any longer and this had to change because it felt like it was crushing her soul.

This drive for something more is what motivated her to create Aeg&Co, Dream BluePrint Academy, Dream BluePrint Momentum Journals and an online community that brings empty nest mommas and other dreamers together to learn to create dreams  that not only change the direction of their lives but also make positive impacts for those around them. 

The truth is…Athena feels it is everyone’s obligation to do all they can to create a better space for all those around them. We are all connected and that connection can lift us up or bring us down. Isn’t it better to rise with the tide than sink to the bottom?

Athena’s and Aeg&Co’s mission is show people how to love life!

Dream BluePrint Academy

So many people dream, wish and hope and never see those dreams come to life. They believe that achieving their dream is based on luck or circumstance. They cannot conceive that they are just as capable and worthy of receiving their dreams as the Kardashians, Mark Zuckerberg or the You Tube millionaires.

The entire purpose of this program is so that you will fall so in love with your dreams that they consume every thought and evoke so much feeling this it is impossible for you to ignore them. 

Dreaming gets a bad rap because most people believe dreams are not attainable. They believe that dreams are too far out of reach. They believe dreaming is just something you do, but never attain. 

We are here to tell you this is not true. When you know how to align your inner being with your external life, those dreams will no longer seem out of reach. 

Dream BluePrint Academy and Dream BluePrint Momentum Journals were built so you can create your dream life from where you are right now by providing tools, insights and techniques that teach you how to build your own dream instead of wishing for  someone else’s life because in appearance it seems better than the one you are in. 

Your Dream BluePrint is you building your future. You wouldn’t just start building a house, a car or a business without knowing what is needed to create the final product. Just like with anything that is built, you must be clear on what the finished product will be and you must have a blueprint to get you there. You must have clarity about what you want if you are ever going to bring it into your life. 

If you finish this program and that $10 million dollar mansion is still in your vision, then you can walk away from this program knowing that you will attain it.

Membership Groups

Dream BluePrint Academy

A paid membership program where members receive access to recorded trainings, Dream Momentum Journals, weekly training sessions, a private group for members to get love, support and encouragement and so much more for one low monthly rate of just $47* a month. *Founding Member Launch starts September 1 just $27 a month for founding members!

Empty Nest Dream

A free online community that allows you to connect with other empty-nest mommas, receive valuable training and resources and learn more about the Dream BluePrint Academy programs.

Dream Momentum Journaling

Want to get something done, but find it hard to get going? Or you start off fast and strong and fizzle out quickly?

Momentum Journals help you create clarity and focus, while uncovering the blocks that are keeping you from what you want. The journals work together to create the pathway to living a life you love.

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