Warning! Passion coming through


I am a passionate believer in connecting the world. My drive to create a better space for all is what moved me to create aeg&co. I believe people that share their value and gifts with the world, make the world a better place. This passion and drive is what motivated me to create a space that would allow entrepreneurs to get the tools and resources they need to manage their business effectively and efficiently so they have more time for their passion.  The philosophy behind this allow entrepreneurs to get their message and value out to the world instead of hiding behind a bunch to back office tasks that bog business owners down. As a business grows, having a system in place can leave time for your passion. aeg&co is designed to provide resources and information to entrepreneurs who may otherwise try it alone and quit because it becomes too overwhelming. The true value is ensuring everyone has an opportunity to share their skills, knowledge and information so their dreams of running an online business come to life.

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20+ year Experience that saves time & money

With 20+ years of project management, process development and creating business efficiencies, my expertise lies in helping entrepreneurs win back time while improving growth and profits. The system helps you get more done in a shorter period of time with a greater rate of execution and completion.  Spend less money and gain momentum quickly. Want to learn more? Sign up the FREE Webinar today. 


Aeg&co is an international training academy for transforming overwhelmed solopreneurs into confident CEOS.

 We support the solopreneur journey with a step by step strategy to win back time and improve growth & profits.

We are committed to…

QUALITY TRAINING produces results clients want

COMMUNITY support and uplift one another

COLLABORTIVE PARTNERSHIPS make it easy to find the right resources

 Teaching solopreneurs how to maximize their business resources so they can spend more time on their passion,

investing in their relationships and taking time away while confidently growing their business and improving their profits.